We are DY-Solutions

DY Solutions Ltd is an IT and security, monitoring consulting expert company, whose cutting edge solutions integrate human and ICT solutions to satisfy different client demand.
DY Solutions Ltd, as a consulting ICT company, emphasise on the need to provide solutions that combine computer networking, CCTV and Security solutions with the human orientation.

Strategy & Vision

Vision Statement

In our need to provide the most effective and efficient product and service to our clients, the foundation of our policy is to focus the attention of our people delivering the service not only on the solution but mostly on the client
Many great ICT solutions are out there, but when they are and do not focus on the ultimate benefit of the user or the client, they most likely fail. Our company has understood that.
This is why we mostly focus our consultancy on giving the client solutions that are based on their real need (user friendliness, interconnectivity with existing and future systems, budget and affordability, efficiency, environmental, friendliness...).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance life and safety utilizing the finest integrated security solutions through delivering world class security equipments, professional services & project solutions. While providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees

Our Values

DY Solutions Ltd driving force is enthusiastically attributed to the dynamism of people we work with and their ability to offer client solutions that are adding value.
DY Solutions Ltd ability to adapt to challenges in technologies and our customers requirement for the most efficient and latest technology solutions has allow us to grow the business in a more solutions based that re-sales tools and equipments.

Business Goals & Objectives

To build a healthy successful company that will be known for its focus on client retention through service excellence. DY Solutions Ltd is highly committed to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Product & Services

DY Solutions Ltd is highly committed to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations We offer reliable and powerful ICT products and solutions that meet the needs and demands of our customer including but not limited to the following:

Security Surveillance System



Access Control

Finger Print Solutions

Time and Attendance

Access and Finger Attendance

Electronic Hotel Locks

Network Solutions

Network Cabling

Network equipment Sale

Computer Hardware Sales & Maintenance

Fiber Optic and Cable Networks

Communication Systems

Business Software Solution

Consulting Service

Hotel Management Software

Restaurant Management Software

Queue Management Systems

Human Resource Management

ID card

Visitors access control

Human Resource Management software

Business Partners

DY Solutions Ltd is a company that is developing partnership with many international based companies, not only in terms of solutions acquisition but also in term of training and expertise, our focus being to give to our dynamic work workforce the international knowhow and confidence true training and permanent learning. These being one of the strategic approaches that will make us remain competitive to the regional and on the international market. Currently, our portfolio of partner companies include among other:

-Fingertec Developer of fingerprint solutions and Human resources solutions, Based in Malaysia, being solution supplier in different area of their expertise.

Website: www.fingertec.com

-Level Lock, Developer and Manufacture of Electronic Locks, Based in China, being our hardware supplier of Hotel electric locks and hotel security management software.

Website: www.levellock.com

-IPTEC, Video and Monitoring Surveillance system, Based in UK, supplier of equipment in CCTV and camera manufacture

Website: www.iptecworld.com

-En Genius, Manufacture of network equipment, based in the USA. -Infosec, leading designer and manufacture of power backup and UPS. based in France.

Website: www.infosec-ups.com

-Interplast, manufacture of network trucking based in the United Emirates Arab

Website: www.instaplast.com

Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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